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  1. Sherry dit :

    The possible Euoeaoanisptirn of your President caused as minor flutter over here last month. On a visit to Westminster Abbey he signed the visitor's book – 24th May, 2008. Getting the year wrong is perhaps excusable – we all do it. What caused the surprise was putting the day before the month – European style!

  2. Dude, I am already so hooked into your life that I feel the breeze when you drop your shorts, and, by the way, you should try pulling them up once in awhile, I’m FREEZING. :loser: :loser: Attention whore.

  3. http://www./ dit :

    Merci pour cette recette, elle m’a l’air savoureuse. ^^Ça fait plaisir de lire que la vie reprend son cours et que les cerisiers sont quasiment en fleurs. Leurs petits pétales roses vont vous mettre du baume au cÅ“ur. ^^Bises et bon mardi ^^Gaëlle

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